Bouncer the compressor was made based on audio compression principles. Using a more fundamental approach, we used transistors ,no optocouplersnor or OTA chips and we manage to caught the dynamic range of the audio input signal from your guitar to the really squishy compression with rate at max,so your bright notes can have more clarity and definition since the attack reaction time is quite slow as result a more natural uncompressed tone so its almost transparent.Low level signals can be amplified up to 28dB and is ideal for low ouptut pickups or electro acoustic instruments.When used with humbuckers rich sustain can achieved and a sweet overdrived sound with the rate level high.
Bouncer tech specs
2 control Knobs
Level: The overall volume
Rate: The amount of compression with range up to 28dB
Power consumption 9 mA @9V
Input Impedance 1M, Output Impedance 1K
Power supply 9V Battery or 9V DC adaptor
True Bypass switch, Led indicator ,aluminum case